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Working towards ‘greening’ Kenya

Rooting For Kenya!

Kenya has been hard hit by climate change. Irregular rainfall, changing weather patterns, all of which are changes that the 80% of Kenyans (farmers) are finding hard to adopt to.  With tourism also being one of the greatest income earners in...

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The women of GreenPot

It is said that women are the backbone of our economy and this is certainly true in the agricultural sector especially the food related agricultural work. Welcome to GreenPot- women are leading the bamboo revolution At GreenPot, women are at the...

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Bamboo- Addressing Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Goal 1- Ending poverty and hunger (through bamboo) The role of trees is clearly understood in the food chain. They are the basis of survival; The producers. Other than food trees provide medicine, shelter and are the main source of energy for human...

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The future of bamboo products

Communities in parts of the world where indigenous bamboo grows have been making use of it in various ways. Bamboo is now contributing over 60 billion USD to the world'd economy, thanks to innovation and value addition. Bamboo products are...

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Bamboo companies around the world

While many think that the GreenPot way is sui generis or even slightly nutty, we are not the first to recognize the opportunities and advantages of bamboo. Across the globe, organisations are exploiting bamboo’s numerous qualities for commercial...

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Risk Mitigation- Why we need weather stations in our bamboo plantations

From propagating bamboo, to shooting documentaries; GreenPot plantations have been bustling with activity this past January. We have been hosting guests, mostly from Nairobi who are eager to see what bamboo plantations look like. We will soon...

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Dutch Marketing Expert visits The Bamboo People in Kenya

As the year winds up, GreenPot will be hosting a number of international visitors. Most of these are coming to see the progress we have made so far with the aim of replicating our strategy in their countries. One of the visitors, Pim Korsmit was...

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Coming soon….GreenPot Industries!!

In the beginning of the year, we spoke to Mr. Stephen Muchai, GreenPot’s Project Manager about the company’s plans to set up its first factory. As the year nears the end, we thought it necessary to get an update from Mr Muchai. Is the...

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GreenPot Outgrowers Programme- A Success Story

With the end-game being production of bamboo items, we need to amass as much bamboo as possible. We do this in two ways; Gated Communities Out growers programme. GPE began its ‘plant bamboo’ crusade last year. We have engaged farmers...

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GreenPot Nurseries: Where the bamboo revolution began

Meet Eliud Kanyi, GreenPot’s resident ‘Adam ’- the first man to inhabit official GreenPot grounds On  August 14, 2014, he became the custodian and first denizen at GreenPot’s first nursery in the Ol’kilnyei area of Narok....

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