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The women of GreenPot | GreenPot

The women of GreenPot

July 8th, 2017

It is said that women are the backbone of our economy and this is certainly true in the agricultural sector especially the food related agricultural work.

Welcome to GreenPot- women are leading the bamboo revolution

At GreenPot, women are at the heart of our operations. One may argue that the nurseries are the most important stage of our integration process. This is simply because without the seedlings, there can be no plantations and subsequently no bamboo products. On this basis, women are the heart of our 3 step integration process!
women and the bamboo industry in Kenya

Hard at work: At Eoro Ekule nurseries

The GreenPot nursery in Eoro-Ekule supplies seedlings to our plantations in Narok. There are two GPE employees on site and between 20- 25 casual workers at work daily. Of these at least two thirds are women; this means that there are at least 15  working at Eoro Ekule daily. They are responsible for production and maintenance of the seedlings.
women and the bamboo industry in Kenya

Propagation of seedlings is key for our operations

women and the bamboo industry in Kenya

We need men too!

Running a bamboo nursery

The seedlings are produced through rhizome propagation. While the women work to ensure that the nursery has a constant supply of seedlings, their male counterparts do the digging, water pumping, repair and construction work around the nursery. It is quite dry in Eoro- Ekule; rain-fed agriculture is not an option. There are a number of individual farmers who plant various food crops and require irrigation. This occasionally provides employment for a few of the locals. They mainly rely on livestock and opportunities for employment are few and far in between.

Bamboo is providing an alternative source of income

The women are happy that Green Pot provides a steady income and they no longer rely on charcoal burning and selling for sustenance. The ladies at Eoro Ekule unlike the generations before them have some form of formal education. They are not necessarily staying at home and relying on the men to bring home the bread. It is said that 80% of farms in Kenya are run by women. A point we tend to believe. As GPE we are proud to be distributing economic opportunities to the female population where we work and raising the socio-economic profile of the fairer sex'.
women and the bamboo industry in Kenya

GreenPot CEO Carol Kariuki at our restoration site in Narok

women and the bamboo industry in Kenya

GreenPot Legal and Compliance Manager hands over title deed to investor

bamboo planting in Narok
women and the bamboo industry in Kenya

GreenPot Outreach Director, Kuki Njeru with farmers

Clearly, Women are the heart and soul of the bamboo revolution in Kenya. Learn more about our nurseries here.

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