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Bamboo companies around the world | GreenPot

Bamboo companies around the world

July 6th, 2017

While many think that the GreenPot way is sui generis or even slightly nutty, we are not the first to recognize the opportunities and advantages of bamboo. Across the globe, organisations are exploiting bamboo’s numerous qualities for commercial and environmental gain. Below are examples of bamboo companies around the world; African bamboo PLC- This is a privately owned manufacturing company based in Ethiopia. African Bamboo is currently establishing an integrated value chain for the processing of indigenous bamboo into a high-quality flooring product for the export market. From sourcing the bamboo to marketing and sales of the final product, the entire chain is controlled by African Bamboo.

bamboo companies in Africa

Bumboosa bamboo- Based in the US, bumboosa are passionate about bamboo as an alternative fibre. They have embraced bamboo as an alternative raw material for hygiene products. Bumboosa is privately owned- by women only. They are keen on educating people about the benefits of bamboo as an alternative for disposable products like wipes and tissue in order to conserve forestlands and limit the use of widespread petroleum-based disposable wipes

bamboo products

Cariloha Bamboo Inspired by the Caribbean and Hawaii, Cariloha (Carribbean+ Aloha) began when its founders saw an opportunity to provide tourists of these vacation destinations with memorabilia in form of clothing that was island inspired. Later, armed with knowledge on bamboo’s thermo-regulating qualities (3 times cooler than cotton), Cariloha embarked on making clothing items made of bamboo that would keep wearers cool in the characteristically hot islands. They’ve never looked back since then, today Cariloha has 50 branches in 14 countries and has an entire line of products made of bamboo including bedding, apparel, bath towels, accessories, fitness wear and handbags

bamboo clothing

A K Khan Plywood (AKP) Established in 1954 and a long time plywood supplier, AKP diverted to bamboo after a visit to China and seeing its potential. Despite bamboo’s negative connotation in Bangladesh, AKP’s bamboo is sourced from within 500 km of the factory, mostly from small farmers who usually produce rice, fruit or vegetables.

bamboo flooring


EcoPlanet Bamboo EcoPlanet is one of the world’s leading bamboo companies with plantations in Nicaragua-South America, Eastern Cape of South Africa and Ghana.

bamboo plantations


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