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Risk Mitigation- Why we need weather stations in our bamboo plantations | GreenPot

Risk Mitigation- Why we need weather stations in our bamboo plantations

July 2nd, 2017

From propagating bamboo, to shooting documentaries; GreenPot plantations have been bustling with activity this past January. We have been hosting guests, mostly from Nairobi who are eager to see what bamboo plantations look like.
bamboo plantations in Narok, Kenya

This is it! Prospective investors on a site visit this past January

We will soon adding another feature to our plantations- Weather stations! Last week we had guests from IBM at our nurseries in Eoro Ekule, who together with Trans-African HydroMeteorological Observatory are setting up weather stations across Africa. “The idea behind this project is to develop a dense network of hydro-meteorological monitoring stations in sub-Saharan Africa – one every 30 km” Read more about TAHMO here Bamboo nurseries in Kenya As a continent, our livelihood relies heavily on agricultural activities which rely on the weather.In Kenya, We are currently anticipating food security crisis due to two consecutive failed rainy seasons. Farmers have suffered huge losses as a result of crop failure. Why do we need weather stations? At GreenPot,we are very specific about the bamboo species we plant- mostly due to the final products that we will be manufacturing. Our bamboo is rain-fed so it is imperative that we know what to expect and plan accordingly. Weather forecasting is important for farming and unfortunately this weather information is lacking. For example in Narok where GreenPot bamboo plantations are located, there are only two weather stations. Collecting our own weather data is important for risk mitigation; it will inform our decisions on key activities like planting and harvesting. Look out for updates on this project.

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