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our concept

The Gated Community of Forests” is the main vehicle through which we develop bamboo plantations, with the intention of creating sufficient volumes in close enough areas to support a world-class bamboo factory. Through this concept, we get Kenyans to co-own forests through leasing or outright purchase of land on which the company plants and maintains bamboo forests on their behalf.It starts with the company finding land that is suitable for bamboo farming in designated areas that are close enough to the proposed factory, subdividing it into two-acre (or multiples of two) parcels for purchase and 5- 10-acre blocks (or multiples of 5) for lease, then offering them to Kenyans on friendly payment terms. For the purchase option, the buyers get a title deed for their land while for the lease; they get a 30- year sub-lease. The company plants and fully maintains the forests and undertakes to market the produce once it’s ready. The forest is managed as one whole unit despite the multiple owners. This is a relatively new concept in Africa but a fairly popular one in North America, Europe and Asia where the forestry industry is well developed.

Why Bamboo?
The value proposition of our concept is unparalleled in Kenya’s investment landscape. Bamboo has ecological, nutritional and financial benefits. Compared to other tree species bamboo has a shorter growth cycle and has multiple uses.

1. Fast growth- Maturity in 3-4 years
2. Diverse uses- ranging from construction to food, fuel and textiles
3. Five times more wood biomass than any other wood
4. Renewable resource
5. Environmental impact- Cleans up to 30% more than any wood

The Government of Kenya has recognized the immense potential of bamboo as a catalyst for economic growth and the realization of Vision 2030. The Medium Term Plan 2013- 2017 specifically discusses the need to promote commercial bamboo farming in Kenya. Government agencies, from the Kenya Forest Service to the Kenya Forestry Research Institute and the Kenya Water Towers Agency are actively engaged in promotion of bamboo.

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