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Gated Community of Forests, An Investment Opportunity for Your Chama | GreenPot

Gated Community of Forests, An Investment Opportunity for Your Chama

July 9th, 2016

The chama culture has evolved from periodical ‘merry-go-rounds’ to investment forces to reckon with. While the social aspect is still a big part of these groups, those that are well-organized use the fellowship to share ideas and to pool together funds to finance these ideas that lead to financial freedom of its members. While many chamas fizzle out, a good number have grown into large corporations. The growth is largely attributed to prudent investments made in its formative days. No matter how small, chamas look out for opportunities that will take them to the next level and allow members to grow together. A lot of these groups look into land-based investments for speculative purposes. The Investment and Chamas expo held this past weekend at KICC, had representatives of investment groups based in Nairobi in attendance. As usual GreenPot was well represented by our sales team.
At the Chama's Expo this past weekend

At the Chama's Expo this past weekend

The ‘Gated Communities’ is a great proposition for chamas big and small with an entry level of as low as ksh 290,000 for an acre. We make the ownership structure very simple so that both registered entities and ‘groups of friends’ can invest together. Why invested in the Gated Community of Bamboo Forests as a chama? • It’s a hands-off investment- other than your initial investment; you are not actively involved in the maintenance activities. • On maturity, your group (or the individuals in your group) will receive income annually from the harvest for over 20 years. • An opportunity to grow your investment portfolio • Your chama directly contributes to the environmental welfare of Kenya Are you part of a chama or do you have a group of like minded people who are looking for long term income generating opportunities? The Gated Community of Forests is the answer! Learn more about it here

14 Responses to “Gated Community of Forests, An Investment Opportunity for Your Chama”

  1. Mark Mutungwa Says:

    Do you allow individuals?Want to do it for my family.


  2. green_admin Says:

    Yes we do allow individuals. Kindly share you information at info@greenpotenterprises.com, including your number and email address. Our offices are located at The Greenhouse, West Wing, Second Floor, Suite 10, Adams Arcade, Ngong Road, feel free to come in and find out more info.

  3. Jared Says:

    To Green Pot Enterprise,

    We are a group of 4 persons that own company limited called Tavolo14. We are based in Malindi. We would like to invest in bamboo project. Currently we can raise 290,000 for one acre. Kindly advice.



  4. green_admin Says:

    Hello Jared,

    Thank you for getting back to us. Kindly share your information including number and email address to info@greenpotenterprises.com or kindly call our Sales Executive Winjoy at 0725 244 896

  5. Victor Says:

    Can I get in as an individual?

  6. green_admin Says:

    Hi Victor, yes you can kindly send your number and email details to this address info@greenpotenterprises.com and we can get back to you or call Winjoy 0725 244 896 our Sales Executive

  7. Kamini Says:

    Hi I am interested in this investment for a long term basis can you pls send ke the information

  8. green_admin Says:

    Hi Kamini, thank you for your response. Kindly email your details including your phone number to info@greenpotenterprises.com or call 0722 244 896 – Winjoy our Sales Executive

  9. Lucy amkoa Says:

    Interested in the individual investment…

  10. green_admin Says:

    Hi Lucy thank you for your comment, you can contact us on 0721 471 136 to reach our sales team or email sales@greenpotenterprises.com. Our investments start from Ksh 290,000 for a 1 acre lease for 30 years.

  11. James Says:

    Please advice if investment of Kes 290,000 for a 1 acre is one off or there are other charges thereafter. If yes, what are expected charges?
    Thank you.

  12. green_admin Says:

    Hi Jared. The 1 acre is 290,000 and this is a one-off payment. There is ksh 20,000 thousand legal and transfer fee. Once you are done paying for this you are not required to make any other payment. Kindly share your e-mail address and we can send you all the information.

  13. Chris Kinyita Says:

    What is the maturity time for this plan?

  14. green_admin Says:

    Hi Chris. The tenure is 29 years.

by Winnie Anyona|July 9th, 2016|Blog|14 Comments
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