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FAQs | GreenPot
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1) Where does Bamboo grow? With over 1000 existing species, bamboo can grow almost anywhere. However, the giant species that GreenPot is planting thrive in tropical and temperate climates. Below are the best conditions for the growth of the two species we grow.
Conditions Asper Membranaceus
Temperature 18- 28 Degrees Celsius 18- 29 Degrees Celsius
Rainfall (mm) * 1000 upwards 900 upwards
Soils ** 2-3 feet depth 2- 3 feet depth

2) Where does GreenPot currently operate? *Yield is even better if rainfall is 400mm above the given respective figures **Well drained loam soils where we are growing bamboo in Kenya

3) What is bamboo used for? Bamboo has over 1500 uses and they range from food to construction. Bamboo fibres make very soft fabric which is used to make clothing. As a fuel it is more sustainable than traditional wood fuel.      

4) How much does it cost me to invest with GreenPot?  
2 Acre Purchase (ksh) 5 Acre Lease (ksh) 10 Acre Lease (ksh)
Investment Options 1,500,000 1,900,000 3,750,000
Projected Returns pa (5 years on) 500k - 1m 1.25m - 2.8m 2.5m - 5.5m
Investment Tenure 40 years 29 years 29 years
*prices can change at any time without notice.      

5) Can you plant on existing land that I already own? Yes you can. GreenPot has nurseries from where you can buy seedlings. However, in order to ensure a market on maturity, your piece of land has to be in an area where we have identified as having potential for a factory. GreenPot will only put up factories in areas where we can get a collective 5000 acres of land planted with bamboo. We need critical mass to sustain a factory.    

6) What are the returns like? The price of bamboo will depend on the prevailing market conditions at the time. However if factors remain constant, we estimate that it should be ksh 10,000 per tonne. Expected yield per acre is estimated at 30 tonnes. (See table 2 for estimates)

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