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Dutch Marketing Expert visits The Bamboo People in Kenya | GreenPot
The bamboo people nairobi office

Dutch Marketing Expert visits The Bamboo People in Kenya

July 24th, 2016

As the year winds up, GreenPot will be hosting a number of international visitors. Most of these are coming to see the progress we have made so far with the aim of replicating our strategy in their countries. One of the visitors, Pim Korsmit was here last week to guide us as we set our eyes on the international market as part of the factory initiative.
The bamboo people nairobi office

Pim Korsmit (centre) with GPE executives in Nairobi

Mr Korsmit visited courtesy of a Dutch organisation called PUM “Netherlands Senior Experts” whose mission is to “share knowledge for vibrant businesses and better lives”. They identify senior Dutch experts who are willing to share their knowledge and pairs them with promising businesses in developing countries. Learn more about PUM here Pim is an export development expert from the Netherlands who we engaged as a business coach and trade advisor. He worked for Audio products giant Bose for 38 years and has since retired. He dedicates some of his time to mentoring small and medium businesses in developing countries. With over 40 years’ experience in international trade, Mr Korsmit will not only help  GreenPot with product development but also in identifying specific markets for some of the proposed products.     The visit came in the wake of significant movements in the factory roll-out plans.
bamboo nursery narok

Karibu- Nothing says welcome to Narok like a maasai shuka!

He spent time with the staff in the head office in Nairobi and those in the field (nurseries and plantations) to better understand GreenPot as a whole and give his expert advice on operations and strategy. He also took time to analyse the markets that GreenPot wants to get into e.g he visited charcoal vendors and manufacturing plants that rely on wood fuel that would be relieved by our introduction of bamboo energy pellets as an alternative to the rapidly decreasing firewood resource.
bamboo plantations in Narok- Kenya

Greeting a little bamboo ambassador at one of our plantations in Olloropil- Narok

Mr Korsmit was quite impressed with the progress we have made so far and as an organisation we value his insight and advice especially regarding exports we hope to engage him further and look forward to many more discussions and visits.
GreenPot head-office in Nairobi

Speaking to the sales team


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