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Bamboo farming in Kenya | GreenPot
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Community Outreach

wealth for communities

Bamboo has the potential to transform whole societies with its lucrative prospects as a farming enterprise while providing many business opportunities and a tremendous boost to wealth and employment creation. Green Pot has a strict policy of ensuring that communities in the areas where we operate participate in bamboo growing, so that they are integral stakeholders in this revolutionary farming activity. We therefore plan three key activities in the Community Outreach programme: a) Resource mobilization to provide affordable seedlings to the farmers b) Extension services to ensure the planting and management of the bamboo forests are up to the required standards c) Product development and training, particularly for women and the youth, in regard to a large variety of crafts, furniture and other creative products that can be made from bamboo. This will have a significant social-economic impact on the people as they discover a new way of creating wealth. Another integral part of our strategy is to ensure that for every acre of bamboo planted in our gated communities program, there is a corresponding acre planted by members of the local community. This engagement includes a program that finances the supply of seedlings. The areas where we are currently engaging farmers are mapped out below. Areas where we are promoting bamboo farming  
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