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Coming soon….GreenPot Industries!! | GreenPot
Bamboo products in Kenya

Coming soon….GreenPot Industries!!

July 22nd, 2016

In the beginning of the year, we spoke to Mr. Stephen Muchai, GreenPot’s Project Manager about the company’s plans to set up its first factory. As the year nears the end, we thought it necessary to get an update from Mr Muchai.
GreenPot Industries will be Kenya's firsst bamboo manufacturing entity

Mr Stve Muchai- Project Manager, GreenPot

Is the project still on course? Yes, we plan to break ground in the next few months and the factory should be up and running in the course of next year. Where will the first factory be? While we have not settled of the exact location, we know for a fact that it will be in the Mount Kenya region. What will GreenPot’s flagship products be and what is the market rationale? To begin with, we are looking at a number of energy products. A short while later we will look into paper and pulp. GreenPot Industries will be a producer of world class products and we intend to serve both local international and markets. Europe is the biggest importer of bamboo products, even simple ones like the poles. Locally, with the wood fuel deficit growing as the population rises and our forest resources are depleted, we think that bamboo’s energy products will revolutionize the energy sector.
Bamboo manufacturing in Kenya

Muchai (second right) in listening attentively to a bamboo manufacturer at his factory in China

Given that this will be the first bamboo factory in the country, does that mean the products will be available at premium prices? We are working tirelessly to ensure seamless roll-out of quality products at reasonable prices. We are consulting market and technical experts and have business plans. We plan to take the market by storm.
Bamboo flooring in Kenya

Bamboo flooring- Will be one of GreenPot's flagship products

What else can Kenyans look forward to from GreenPot Industries and when? In the next three years we look forward to producing value added bamboo products like flooring and textile. We look forward to unveiling GreenPot Industries and putting Kenya on the map as far as the bamboo industry is concerned. For more information on what GreenPot is doing in Kenya download different editions of our newsletter here

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